The Cauldron, A Novel (In Progress)

In Progress – The Cauldron, A Novel of Tuscan Mysteries and Magic

Return to the magical world of La Caldarola in the hills of Northwestern Tuscany with Book 2 of Tuscan Magic. In The Cauldron, Julia struggles to save her collective from certain doom at the hands of the mercenary wine man, Jack Volpi. Volpi carries old hatreds and resentments but uses his charismatic charm to hide his true intentions. While charming Julia’s neighbors, he plots to destroy them and their new livelihood by turning their pristine and diversified farming region into a chemically polluted mono-culture similar to his wine-growing base in Northern California.

For Julia, Volpi’s arrival triggers mesmerizing painful past life recalls, long suppressed but perfectly timed, that warn her of the devastating harm he can bring to her, her unborn daughter and the lives of all she has come to love. Rich with historical detail and bone-chilling dramatic suspense, The Cauldron continues the saga of the Giardano family throughout time, focusing on Julia’s lifetime in the Hellenistic years 159-160. B.C.E., an era so like our own and mirroring many of the issues that plague our society today.

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