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The Gardens: Witches of Tuscany Book 1

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Deep in the enchanted hills west of Florence, a powerful ancient relic lays hidden, shielded by veils of secrecy both human and divine. Julia Giardano is heiress to the relic and all its mysteries, but can she find her legacy it in time to save it from her father’s murderer, Gregor Danilenko, who will stop at nothing to possess the relic he believes will give him eternal life and unmitigated power?

What begins for Julia as a curious journey prompted by her father’s dying words soon becomes a passionate quest fueled by her psychic awakening and the numinous Presence we call the goddess Aphrodite. Along her way, Julia encounters a family ghost from the distant past, the handsome parapsychologist Andrei Anatolin, the quixotic Parisienne Madame Racine and the American entrepreneur turned Interpol agent Rafael Gibbons, each of whom knows Danilenko poses grave danger to Julia and to the world at large.

In The Gardens: Witches of Tuscany Book 1, we also meet the people of La Calderola, who have lived for centuries amidst the region’s legendary Witches’ Brew. Some faithfully protect the Giardano secret history. Others fear the very idea of witches ancient or contemporary. All attempt to block Julia at every turn, and she must win them over to restore her lineage and reclaim her legacy.

Travel along with Julia Giardano as she discovers the magical, mystical world of the Giardani in this thrilling novel of international paranormal suspense, reincarnation, history and romance. The Gardens is a visionary novel whose time has come, and the entire Witches of Tuscany series will only serve to deepen its timeless appeal.

The Gardens is available in eBook, paperback and audio formats today at Amazon.com.

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The Cauldron: Witches of Tuscany Book 2

Return to the magical world of La Caldarola in the hills of Northwestern Tuscany with Book 2 of Witches of Tuscany. In The Cauldron, Julia struggles to save her collective from certain doom at the hands of the mercenary wine man, Jack Volpi. Volpi carries old hatreds and resentments but uses his charismatic charm to hide his true intentions. While charming Julia’s neighbors, he plots to destroy them and their new livelihood by turning their pristine and diversified farming region into a chemically polluted mono-culture similar to his wine-growing base in Northern California.

For Julia, Volpi’s arrival triggers painful past life recalls, long suppressed but perfectly timed, that warn her of the devastating harm he can bring to her, her unborn daughter and the lives of all she has come to love. Rich with historical detail and bone-chilling dramatic suspense, The Cauldron continues the saga of the Giardano family throughout time, focusing on Julia’s lifetime in the Hellenistic years 159-160. B.C.E., an era so like our own and mirroring many of the issues that plague our society today.

The Cauldron will be published in Spring, 2020 in eBook and paperback formats. Be sure to sign up for News & Updates to learn when the novel will be ready for Pre-Order.

Chrysalis—Witches of Tuscany Book 3

The cover of Witches of Tuscany Book 3 includes a photo of the countryside west of Florence, Italy superimposed over the World Tarot card.With Chrysalis, we come to the currently planned end of the Giardano saga. Young Joy Giardano is grown up and ready to take flight, leave the family home in La Calderola and head off to America to study biochemistry at UC Berkeley. Her mother, Julia, will have none of it. She will fight tooth and nail to keep her only child safely in the magical protective nimbus surrounding the Gardens.

But once again, the seeds of ancient karma have ripened, and Julia must find a way to handle the powerful currents they unleash. Traveling in past life visions back to the Renaissance golden years of old Florence, Julia learns more about her family’s association with Marsilio Ficino and the other philosopher/alchemists who imbued the age with such glamour and mystery. The knowledge gleaned pushes Julia’s limits, as well as bringing understanding of her daughter’s hopes and dreams.

How will Julia use this knowledge to help her daughter and herself move safely from chrysalis beings to freer and more whole individuals? What fears and challenges must Julia and Joy face, and what will be the final outcome of this family’s long-lived story?

Chrysalis is scheduled to release late in 2020 in eBook, paperback and, hopefully, audio formats.Please be sure to sign up for News & Updates to learn when the novel will be ready for Pre-Order.



Photo of Alexis Masters by IreneYoung

Photo: Irene Young

Alexis Masters travels extensively to the settings of her novels. She’ll go just about anywhere her muse commands—such dedication to her work! She happily flies all over the globe and, as a lifelong meditator and devoted yogi, enjoys frequent “inner” travels as well. Alexis lives with her adorable miniature poodle Maximillian in Northern California, where she is hard at work on the next two Witches of Tuscany novels, The Cauldron (Coming Spring 2020) and Chrysalis (Coming Late 2020). Find Alexis on Twitter.com/alexismasters and on Facebook.com/alexismastersauthor.