The Gardens, A Novel of Tuscan Mysteries and Magic

Cover of The Gardens, A Novel of Tuscan Mysteries and Magic

Deep in the enchanted hills west of Florence, a powerful ancient relic lays hidden, shielded by veils of secrecy both human and divine. Julia Giardano is heiress to the relic and all its mysteries, but can she find her legacy it in time to save it from her father’s murderer, Gregor Danilenko, who will stop at nothing to possess the relic he believes will give him eternal life and unmitigated power?

What begins for Julia as a curious journey prompted by her father’s dying words soon becomes a passionate quest fueled by her psychic awakening and the numinous Presence we call the goddess Aphrodite. Along her way, Julia encounters a family ghost from the distant past, the handsome parapsychologist Andrei Anatolin, the quixotic Parisienne Madame Racine and the American entrepreneur turned Interpol agent Rafael Gibbons, each of whom knows Danilenko poses grave danger to Julia and to the world at large. 

In The Gardens we also meet the people of La Calderola, who have lived for centuries amidst the region’s legendary Witches’ Brew. Some faithfully protect the Giardano secret history. Others fear the very idea of witches ancient or contemporary. All attempt to block Julia at every turn, and she must win them over to restore her lineage and reclaim her legacy.

Travel along with Julia Giardano as she discovers the magical, mystical world of the Giardani in this thrilling novel of international paranormal suspense, reincarnation, history and romance. Originally published as The Giuliana Legacy by HCI Books in 2000, The Gardens is a visionary novel whose time has come, and with our newly expanded distribution, readers around the world can enjoy its timeless appeal.

The Gardens is available in eBook, paperback and audio formats today at or your favorite online bookseller.

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