About The Giuliana Legacy, a novel

About The Giuliana Legacy

Cover of The Giuliana Legacy, a novel

Health Communications Inc, 2000

The Giuliana Legacy is at once a heartstopping mystery, a tender love story, and a tribute to our ever expanding inner potential. Winner of the 2001 COVR Visionary Award for Fiction, this mystical journey of one woman’s awakening to her soul’s true purpose and passion will inspire and delight you. With its vibrant blend of drama, spirituality and supernatural suspense, this novel will fascinate you and resonate in your heart and soul for years to come.

The Giuliana Legacy is the story of one woman, Julia Giardani, and her awakening to her soul’s special gifts – an awakening that leads her on a quest to save her ancestors’ ancient spiritual tradition from extinction and kindles her passion to aid humanity in its timeless search for love and redemption. A dramatic journey into the age-old Mysteries of Love, The Giuliana Legacy traces Julia’s discovery of the frayed threads of a tapestry of mystical and healing traditions – threads only she can reweave. To recapture and reweave them into a pattern relevant to her world, Julia must travel from her native California to the distant island of Cyprus, her legacy’s primal source, then on to the rustic hills of Tuscany, where she finds and revitalizes the abandoned family farm, discovering also its Sacred Gardens – the magical realm of the Giardani Goddess. There, among the ghosts and legends of her Etruscan ancestors, Julia’s true inheritance unfolds, allowing her already burgeoning psychic gifts to flourish.

Bound to Julia’s destiny and odyssey are three others: Andrei Anatolin, the Russian expatriate, gifted telepath, wandering savant and would-be monk, whose love for Julia draws him relentlessly to her and her cause; Madame Racine, the eternally elegant Parisienne and legendary player in the quest for world peace, whose loyalty to Julia’s family compels her to risk her life’s work; Gregor Danilenko, the sinister ex-KGB general who will stop at nothing to destroy Julia so that he can possess the priceless Giardani heirloom he believes will grant him immortality. Julia knows she must find the heirloom before Danilenko, for only then will she hold the key to her legacy and be ready to truly serve as the Giardani Heiress, the healer and guide who helps others discover and devote themselves to abiding Divine Love. But first, she must surrender to and survive her ineluctable destiny: a deadly confrontation in which she must offer her life in order to uphold the eternal power of Love that her family has always served.

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